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Hotel Suraj

Välkommen till din digitala guide till Jaisalmer och Tharöknen:

Sevärdheter | Boende

Jaisalmer är en stad i nordvästra Indien och är den administrativa huvudorten för distriktet Jaisalmer. Staden är belägen i Tharöknen och befolkningen uppgick till 57 537 invånare vid folkräkningen 2001. Jaisalmer var huvudstad för furstendömet och vasallstaten Jaisalmer. De äldre delarna av staden omfattas av en fästning som byggdes vid stadens grundande år 1156.
(Jaisalmer, (senast besökt februari 23, 2010).)

Rising from the heart of the Thar Desert like a golden mirage is the city of Jaisalmer. A commanding fort etched in yellow sandstone stands with all its awesome splendours, dominating the amber-hued city.

The city has an interesting legend associated with it, according to which, lord Krishna- the head of Yadav clan foretold Arjuna that a remote descendent of the Yadav clan would build his kingdom atop the Trikuta Hill, His prophecy was fulfilled in 1156 AD. When Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti Rajput abandoned his fort at Lodurva and founded a new capital Jaisalmer, perched on the Trikuta Hill Bhatti Rajputs of Jaisalmer were feudal chief who lived off the forced levy on the caravans laden with precious silks and spices that crossed the territory enroute Delhi-or Sind. These seems to be straight out of the "Tales of the Arabian Night ' still enchants.
The life within the citadel conjures up images of medieval majesty visible in its narrow lanes strewn with magnificent palaces, havelis, temples and of course skilled artisans and ubiquitous camels. The setting turn Jaisalmer into a beautiful golden brown is a spectacular sight.

The perfect time to visit the golden city is during the Desert Festival held in Jan/Feb. every year, when the city reverberates to the sound of melodious tunes and rhythms. Folk dances, exciting competitions and contest, especially the turban-tying contest.
Mr. Desert contest and camel races enliven the festivals colourful craft bazaars are set up for the occasion and a sound and light spectacle is organized with folk artistes performing against the splendid backdrop of the famous sam sand dunes on the full moon night. Surely a not-to-be-missed events.
Every house, here, is exquisitely carved, having filigreed work all over. These houses date back to 12th - 15th century. And hence Jaisalmer is called 'the Museum city'.

Place of Interest

Golden Fort with 99 bastions - Known as SONAR QUILA or the Golden fort, rising from the sand, the mega structure merges with the golden hues of the desert ambience and the setting suns in its most colourful shades gives it a fairy tale look. Its simply a magic. The bastions envelop a whole township that consists of palace complex various security sources and the Havelis of rich merchants.

Salim Sing Ki Haveli - This Haveli was built about 300 years ago and a part of it is still occupied. Salim Singh was the prime minister when Jaisalmer was the capital of the princely state and his mansion has a beautifully arched roof with superb carved brackets in the form of Peacocks.

Patwon ki Haveli - This is one of the largest and most elaborate Haveli in Jaisalmer and stands in a narrow lane. It is five storeys high and is extensively carved. It is divided into six apartments, two owned by archaeological Survey of India, two by families who operate craft-shops and two private homes. There are remnants of paintings on some of the inside walls as well as some mirror work.

Nathumal ki Haveli - Two architect brothers built it in the 19th century. Interestingly, while one concentrated on the right, the other concentrated on the left and the result is a symphony epitomising the side-by-side symmetry during construction. Paintings in miniature style monopolise the walls in the interior. Mighty tuskers carved out of yellow sandstone stand guard to the Haveli.

TaziaTower - The delicate pagoda like Tazia Tower rises from Badal Mahal (Cloud Palace). Rising in its five-tiered splendour, with each storey graced by a delicately carved balcony, the tower is of historical significance. Muslim craftsmen built it in the shape of a Tazia and gifted it to their royal patron.

Mool Sagar - On way to Sam Sand Dunes, is another natural point. Lake, Garden, summer palaces constructed by Maharawal Mool Raj in 18th Century.

Gadisar Lake - This tank, south of the city walls, once held the town water supply, and befitting its importance in providing precious water to the inhabitants of this arid city, it is surrounded by small temples and shrines. The beautiful yellow sandstone gateway arching across the road down to the tank is the Tilon-ki-Pol, built by a famous prostitute, Tilon. When she offered to pay to have this gateway constructed, the Maharaja refused permission under it to go down to the tank and he felt that this would be beneath his dignity. While he was away, she built the gate, adding a Krishna temple on top so that king could not tear it down.

Gyan Bhandar a library founded in 1500 A.D. by Acharya Maharaj Jin Bhadra Suri. This small underground vault houses priceless ancient illustrated manuscripts, some dating from the 11th century. Other exhibits include astrological charts and the Jain version of the Shroud of Turin: the Shroud of Gindhasuri, a Jain hermit and holy man who died in Ajmer. In a small locked cabinet are the images of Parasnath made of ivory and various precious stones including emerald and crystal. There are plans to shift the library outside the present location within the Jain temple so it can be visited.
(Pinkcity Holidays,, den 28 februari 2011)


Hotel Suraj - A Real 500 years Old Haveli, owned by the Teacher's of Maharaja Family. The Best Example of stone carving, along with gorgeous archways,mughal style balconies viewing towards the Desert City of Jaisalmer. The Stay at this Haveli Hotel takes you back to 15th Century.

About Hotel: - Hotel Suraj is a 500+ year’s old Haveli. It belongs to the teacher’s of Maharaja of past time. It is the only as well as biggest residential Haveli of Jaisalmer Fort. The Hotel is run by “Vyas Family” (Brahmin Religion) who are living in the same Haveli since last 17 generation and more than 500 years. It is a wonder in it self that the Haveli is ever lived since 1526 AD.
As the Hotel is a old haveli so all the rooms ceilings are being made with wood and iron hooks in it and the grounds are being made with cow dunk & yellow sand which make the atmosphere of the room’s fresh, hygienic and cool.
All and all it is the best place to see the rationality of Rajasthan with a bit of modern touch.

Location of Hotel: - Hotel Suraj is situated in the south east corner of the “Trikuta Hill”. It is situated very close by to world famous JAIN TEMPLES. It is situated in the domestic area of Fort. As the Hotel is situated in the corner of the fort so it provides magnificent views.

Location of Rooms: - The rooms of the Hotel are arranged around the courtyard of the Haveli. The room’s are in all the directions of the Haveli. All the rooms are we;; decorated with antique metal pots, curtains and window seats. All the rooms are with attach bathroom and with hot and cold shower (in winter only). All the rooms are fresh and rich in atmosphere. All the rooms have windows or balconies, none of rooms closed like cell or matchbox.
Facilities in Room:- (no extra charge) Fresh clean towels, bed sheets, linen, pillows, toilet paper, soap, mosquito coil, mirror, candles etc.

Views from the Hotel:- Hotel Suraj’s main attraction is that it is the biggest residential house of the Fort & main of all “ HOTEL SURAJ is the second highest location of Fort (After Maharaja’s Palace) so from the roof it provides magnificent view of Jain Temple, Old City, Fort Houses, Lake and many other historic points of the Town. Another plus point of roof is one can watch Sunrise & Sunset from the roof.
Contact Person: Chimmy
Address: Inside Fort, Next to Jain Temple, House Number 222, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India 345001
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